Welcome to my blog!

Hey there!  Welcome to my first blog post!  My name is Lareesa and I'm glad you decided to step into my world for a minute or two.  On this blog, I plan to share a lot of different things with you: my weight loss journey, various projects I'm working on, client spotlights, etc. Feel free to comment, ask questions, or whatever else you so desire.  I only ask one thing of you... keep it positive.  That's right, no negative vibes allowed.  Pah - leeeze.

Currently, I'm working on a book called, The Secret.  I would tell you what it's about, but you guessed it... its a secret! lol  Ha... I'll give you more info on it a little later.  But, for now, sit tight, enjoy the site, and I'll be back soon.

Love and hugs,

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