Meet The Author…

Lareesa Fonville Willis discovered her gift for writing after winning a poetry contest in elementary school. Since then, she has journaled her life while writing several poems, short stories, and screen plays.

Her first novella, Cyn No More, was written in 2008 and was sitting on the shelf for years before she decided to publish it. She started Fonville Publishing in 2011…for those who also no longer wish to sit on their talents and share their writings with the world. Her next novel, Resting Inn Peace, is scheduled to be released next month.


You can dream as much as you want. You can believe as much as you want. You can even spend every waking moment in prayer. But, nothing will happen unless YOU start moving towards the success you seek. To do that, you must have a plan. A clear, concise plan. A blueprint for your ultimate success. You need to know where you are going, why you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. So, if you’re ready to finally have the success you’ve been dreaming of, follow this recipe.




Cynthia Evans lives a plain life as a librarian in downtown Richmond. She struggles with abandonment issues after a failed relationship and the death of her grandfather, Manias. She doesn’t let a lot of people get close to her, for fear that they’ll one day leave, too. She spends all of her free time locked inside of her apartment in the world of cyberspace, where she is able to live a life completely opposite of her own. That is, until she meets Jessica, a woman who will change her life forever.




Arrows is a collection of poems that will take readers through the twists and turns of the author’s life. It is a journey through heartache, addiction, mourning, and depression to achievement, success, redemption, hope and love. It is a courageous mix of rhythms and vibrant storytelling reminding you to love yourself, stay focused, and keep aiming for your dreams.





Everyone gets sad from time to time. But, for some of us, we caught in a prolonged period of sadness that makes it difficult to make decisions, causes unproductiveness, worry, or has us feeling hopeless. We feel like the walking dead, just going through the motions of life. But, there is hope. We can overcome depression.






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