Success Coach

Health, Wealth, and Life

Are you looking for a Coach?  Someone that has their life together?  Someone who lives in a perfect little world?  Someone who is going to solve all your problems?  Well, I'm NOT her!!!!! lol

My name is Lareesa and I'm far from perfect.  I have dreams, goals, and aspirations that oftentimes are so vivid, can keep me up at night.  But, I also have obstacles, challenges, insecurities, and fears that try to hinder me every step of the way.  But, guess what?  I won't let any of that stop me from accomplishing my dreams and neither should you.

I went on a journey to better health back in 2012.  Here is my before/progress picture:

I lost 105lbs, but along the way I gained insight, strength, a ton of new friends, and a renewed passion for helping others.  I've helped coach thousands.  Yes, thousands of people.  Team Trans4mations (my team) is a part of Compass Leadership Group, where I help lead a team of over 7,000+ members.  We help people in the areas of Health, Wealth, and Life.  We believe in giving people the knowledge to become free physically, financially, and in the area of time.

In 2013, I was able to fire my boss and enjoyed time freedom until Sept of 2016, when I allowed "life" to get in the way.  But, being back to a Just Over Broke situation has completely opened my eyes and has allowed me to gain so much perspective.  I'm getting my freedom back.... health, wealth, and time... and, I'm going to teach you how I did it and what not to do to keep it.

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