Diabetic Leaves

Did you know that leaves were diabetic? Ok, maybe nobody has ever used that particular term for them. But, leaves have a sugary diet. Yes, the leaves that are outside, on the trees. The leaves that are currently changing colors and are falling off.

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I'm a little biased because I was born in October. Happy Birthday to me and just in case anyone was wondering, I'm celebrating all month long. But, you've got to admit, there is just something spectacular about the fall. Seeing the leaves change colors makes me realize that life is beautiful, ever changing. It also is a recurring reminder of how to let go of the things that no longer serve us. The things that weigh us down, literally.

Weight is a topic that you will see me talk about and refer to a lot. It is something that I allowed to hold me back for so long. When in fact, it wasn't the weight at all. The weight was a byproduct of the issues causing the weight. But, for now, let's get back to the leaves having "sugar."

If you were paying attention in elementary school, you probably learned that plants produce glucose to feed on. I'm not going to re-teach that lesson here. But, what I need you to remember is that creating all of that sugar takes a lot of time and energy. Sunlight is a friend to nature and helps plants get more sugar quicker by speeding up the process. The only thing is, during the fall, when daylight is shorter, the leaves can't absorb as much sun. This causes a deficit of chlorophyll and photosynthesis gets all out of wack, so the leaves get hungry, fall off, and dies...lol. Yo, hunger will do that to you!

It's kind of sad thinking about it that way though. I mean, dang. They die while trying to get their sugar back to normal. #allleavesmatter Let me focus... But, before the process is over, they become the most beautiful sight to behold. Variations of red, yellow, and orange emerge from the once green plant.

I implore you, before this life is over, show us all of your colors. Let the world see the many gifts and talents God has entrusted to you. This new season is a perfect opportunity to try something new, to confidently go after your dreams, to be bold in your purpose.

Love and hugs,

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